• Beginner's Yoga Program
    with Nic Matthews




    Nervous about starting yoga? Don't be.

    This Beginner's Yoga Program will introduce you to all the key poses of yoga, yoga philosophy, breathing techniques and meditation.

    We will help you find correct alignment, help you build strength and develop your flexibility so that you will feel strong and confident in a yoga class.

    We will explore the meaning of yoga and yoga philosophy to give you a new perspective on life and how this powerful system for healing can have a profound effect on your life.

    What's included:

    • a 3-hour Intro to Yoga Workshop including course notes
    • all the equipment (yoga mat, two blocks) (valued at $70)
    • a 1 hour follow up Zoom workshop (online)
    • 1-month yoga membership at the studio (valued at $88)
    • 1-month membership to our Online Yoga Classes (valued at $60)

    This program is suited to people who have never done yoga before but are curious about how yoga can improve their physical and mental health.

    We don't care if you can't touch your toes or wear fancy clothes, we're interested in teaching you how to relax your body and calm your mind.

    Cultivate Calm Yoga have been introducing people to yoga for seven years. We are one of Brisbane's best-rated yoga studios who specialise in teaching beginners.

    It's not just a one-off workshop, there is follow up so that we can support you to get the most out of your yoga practice.

  • Yoga Alchemy
    with Monica Rottmann

    Yoga Alchemy - Closing circle

    Sound Healing
    Candle ceremony
    Stepping into our future
    Inner Circle

    For Yoga Alchemy participants only.

  • Spring Retreat
    with Nic Matthews


    Treat yourself to a nourishing urban retreat harmonising the energy of Yin and Yang.

    Our practice will focus on releasing stagnation and unhealthy patterns so we can make the transition into Spring with vitality and positivity.

    We will move gently through some Taoist yoga flows and mindful movement, preparing the body and mind for healing and relaxation.

    Next,  we’ll explore self-massage using Yoga therapy balls to ease into a nurturing and restorative yin sequence

    Our afternoon will conclude with a delicious candlelit Yoga Nidra, the ancient practice of setting a Sankalpa to realise our potential and create positive change in our lives.

    Spaces limited to 16.

    Refund and Cancellation Policy

    You will receive a full refund if you provide us with 48hr notice of cancellation. If less than 48hrs notice is provided, you will only get a credit to a future workshop if we can fill your place.

  • Art of Relaxation
    with Monica Rottmann

    Art of Relaxation
    with Monica Rottmann

    Friday 13 November 6.30pm-9pm
    Saturday 14 November  10.30am-2.30pm
    Sunday 15 November 10.30am-1.30pm

    There’s more to relaxation than putting your feet up at the end of a busy day. Learn proven and effective relaxation techniques to calm your busy mind and relax your tense body.

    Get to the root of stress and anxiety and learn techniques to free the body and mind from overwhelm, exhaustion and overdrive.

    We will teach you how to recognise stress and anxiety, how to address stress at the root and learn practical techniques to maintain physical emotional and mental balance.


    Friday night

    Theory 45mins
    + understanding the stress response
    +recognise anxiety
    + stress self-assessment and triggers
    + understanding the psoas

    Practice 1hr 45min
    + practical anxiety relief
    + unlock the secrets of the psoas
    + body awareness, embodiment and cultivating sensitivity
    + yoga nidra


    Theory 45min
    + discover the magic of the Vagus Nerve
    + get to the root of chronic muscle tension

    Practice 2hr 15 min
    + anxiety relief through the breath and body
    + progressive muscle relaxation
    + techniques to relieve chronic tension


    Theory 45min
    + emotional stress and wellbeing
    + emotions and trauma in the body
    + getting to the root of anxiety
    + the role of mindfulness

    Practice 2hr 15 min
    + embodiment
    + Non-Linear Movement
    + Mindfulness and anxiety relief

    Cancellation and refund policy

    If you need to cancel, you will get a full refund if you provide us 72hrs notice. If less than 72hrs notice is provided, we will only give you a credit to a future workshop if we can fill your place.

  • Unwind the Psoas
    with Monica Rottmann

    UNWIND THE PSOAS - with Monica

    Discover the key to relaxation and experience the deep calm that results from a supple psoas muscle.

    Forget aggressive stretching which aggravates our psoas (and our stress); this a 2.5hr restorative yoga class focuses exclusively on unwinding the muscle that connects the spine to the legs.

    When we unwind the psoas, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system and experience deep relaxation.

    Learn how to use your psoas and your breath to alleviate stress, tension and anxiety.

    This workshop is suitable for beginners and yoga teachers keen to discover the secrets of the psoas.

    Places limited to 16. Bookings are essential.


    You will receive a full refund if you provide 72hrs notice of cancellation.

    If less than 72hrs notice is provided, you will receive a credit to a future workshop ONLY if we can fill your place.